Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Used Bicycles in Station

At Station Bicycles Shop  we don't have sales person like other bicycle shops who  just keen to offering bicycles for the sake of gaining more commissions to get an incredible weekend out to Ibiza. Everybody in our shop from customers to our tech guys have one thing common in them that both are bike lovers. That is the reason we have turned into a prevalent decision with our customers for purchasing and repairing bicycles. 

Station Bicycles bicycle shop is not just about to focus upon the higher profits graph, it is about peopling who adoration to ride bicycles and who need perfect ride to approach their work stations on time. With the fluctuations of economy , where individual have very limited budget to meet  their expenses and where savings are touching the bottom line of survivor in this condition how a person re invest  on his /her bicycles after few weeks ? 

The perfect answer is to come and visit at your own shop name as station Bicycles Shop, we will get you the cool  bike which suits you for what purpose you want it to buy for your daily routine. Our mechanics are highly competent and well. 

We give our clients in station cycles the opportunity to purchase used bicycles which are completely fit after modification and test process, and company give them one month free service period and two weeks trade without losing any quality. Our experts got competitive edge of good estimators which serves the customer with best pricing and quality ride.

We get used bicycles from auctions and give them a new life. We are the biggest second hand bikes suppliers in London. Our second hand kids refurbished bikes starts from £20 and adult refurbished bike from £60. We offer one month free service 2 weeks exchange with all our second hand bikes.

We offer part exchange for the bikes whatever the condition the bike you have Even it’s just the frame don’t through in bin bring to us. We give good price if you part exchange with one of our bike.

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