Thursday, 13 October 2016

Volunteer Cyclist Visited at Camden

It was a memorable night when a group of cyclist came in our store at Station Bicycles while I was just about to close the shop and suddenly one of their group member ask me to buy some helmets and cycle bells as they all are going for a long ride to promote a charitable trust situated in Chelsea . After having brief conversation with him I decided not to close my store on that time. 

So you guys have a question in your mind that what so amazing in it which makes memorable night? The answer is unbelievable passion in their eyes for the cycling not only for self-satisfaction but also for the serving to humanity without having any consideration. They were fully equipped with all accessories which might be helping them in their journey. 

I decided to give them best discount on whatever they want to shop from my store. They bought some used front lights,, helmets and cycle bells . After they have paying me the total bill, all of them were very happy to see the discount I have gave them.
The pleasure I felt on that time was so pure and true. I still remember their last statement ‘’Sir you are also part of our journey and our volunteer work we will never forget your favor ‘’.

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